[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Miami Heat, 116-98, and take a 1-0 lead in the Finals behind dominant performances from LeBron James and Anthony Davis




[–]Fellow Feeling- 5665 指標 4小時前

This was literally the most disastrous outcome the Miami Heat could have imagined for a Game 1. Sorry Heat fans


[–]Lakers SuperBatSpider 73 指標 5小時前

Weird game, dominant showing, but I hate watching injuries man


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 3190 指標 4小時前

Bam hurt, Goran hurt, Jimmy hurt, and were down by 30+ in the 2nd half. Worst Game 1 I've ever seen a team have to endure.


[–]Heat RiggyTang 634 指標 4小時前

Haha i’m not crying. You’re crying!


[–]Heat RiggyTang 382 指標 4小時前

Clippers DID blow a 3-1 lead, after all


[–]Every Sir 127 指標 5小時前

I’m still on the hunt for that motherfucker that said he would drink his own piss if the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead fam.


[–][SEA] Jerome James DG_Now 525 指標 4小時前

I never thought it could be worse than game 1 of the 2015 Finals, but here you are.


[–]NBA jet_10 1523 指標 4小時前

3 best players injured and a blowout lost, the worst way to start this series

This sucks


[–]Knicks McRibsAndCoke 826 指標 4小時前

I'm absolutely livid for Miami fans right now. To run through the East as dominantly as they did, and to go out like this on the grand stage.

Bruh. This sucks. Not a fair matchup if they're not full power. But that's life.